Our new doc "Enniscorthy a Four Day Republic", pilot programme for our new series "A Past Less Travelled" features this fascinating story. We are leaving here a little behind the scenes compilation with a cover of "Grace" performed by Michael Benson, not only a terrific host for this show but a brilliant singer. There is alway stuff to add on to full on shooting days! :-) Hope you enjoy as much as we did!

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If you are serious about making films, this is the one an only thing that will push you through when you're stuck. You know when you are working on your screenplay and you hit a wall or you can't find cash or investors to start your project. Maybe you need money for post. Whatever it is, set yourself a deadline. This will keep you focus and will give you the determination to keep going and move forward.

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We are delighted to have made the new promo video for Clarin College in Athenry, a brand new state of the Art school. Filmed by Teresa Lavina, Gavin Lennon and David Souto. Edited by Teresa Lavina

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